Week in review

No new photos for today. We cleaned the house a la FlyLady Weekly House Blessing last Thursday and I did the cleaning in my whole Edwardian get-up. I now also want to make one of the housekeeping robes for such times. I’m not fighting coal soot and dust from unpaved roads, but covering my sleeves while scrubbing toilets and vacuuming does seem smart.

I also made two new hair rats. These are meant for the pompadour style so they basically make the pouf in front. I still had some saved hair left. I’ll keep adding it from my brush as our grandmothers did until I have enough to make the next shape/size rat. I want to do the side poufs from the center part, but I need to do more research on how that’s done.

I have quite an alterations pile. My new corset is changing my shape and two of my shirts keep sliding up. I’ll french seam the sides as that seems the easiest way to make the alteration. I also need to take in my blue wool walking skirt. I hadn’t planned for much change in my waistline since I don’t consider myself to be tightlacing… I’m not terribly constricted at any time in my corset just comfortably hugged and I don’t sleep in it. Still I’ve lost an inch or two – enough to make my skirt slide down far enough that I trip on it if I’m not careful on stairs. My posture has improved a lot also.

I do remember one method of fixing the shirt sliding up… there was a belt advertised in the 1908 Sears Catalog that had grippers which would keep shirt and skirt in place. But I need a copy of that catalog to see exactly how it was made. I ordered one from ebay but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Well, back to cutting out more clothes!! Whee!!

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