Problems already… I need more clothes!!

Today’s outfit illustrates how long I have been collecting, making and wearing Edwardian clothes.


You’ll notice in the photo that I am wearing a vest. The vest is vintage, altered years ago to accentuate my more youthful form, and it could do with a little more alteration. But today it very helpfully covers the button on my shirt that I cannot close. That discovery made me realize that I probably haven’t worn this shirt in over a decade. Sigh. Meaning prior to having kids.

So my sewing for the week ahead includes not just an apron and new combination, but apparently more skirts and shirts which fit completely. Tonight will probably include trying on All.The.Things., because where I thought I had several days of outfits, obviously I can’t count on things I wore ten years or so ago. I am sure the new corset is cause for some of the change in how my clothes fit but not for all.

My first corset was stolen while we lived in what we call “The Fat House” (a story for another time) and in its shared basement apparently many of our storage tubs were rifled through. The second one was a cheapo purchased because I didn’t have the first one and couldn’t fathom wearing my Rollag clothes to the first TeslaCon without one. And now I have a new proper corset with steel bones and silk satin loveliness.

I also altered the sweater yesterday. I may not post for a few days for all the sewing I now have to do.

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