And I learn something on the first day

So, I need an apron.

It’s not that I’m particularly sloppy. But I can’t see my front below the …’crest’ shall we say. And I cook. There are six mouths here to feed so I cook a LOT. And I have fancy new clothes on today. So making a normal dinner, with its usual splatters and slops, made me feel like a real butterfingers which required several checks in the bathroom mirror to assess potential damage. So far it’s limited to something unknown and black on the cuff of my white shirt.

I hope I can get it out.

Photo for today below. Credit to my husband, helping me out while I figure how to take these photos.


One thought on “And I learn something on the first day

  1. Love your outfit. I dressed up the first time last year and will do it every year now. Your Mom is a very talented woman and so is her daughter. Love from ND. Ardene

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